Love Handles, S1E9: Get Your Sh** Together

That’s right folks, you heard it here, first.

After hibernating for the winter, it’s (un)officially time to get everything else in our lives together so that we can enter into the summer months full speed ahead. I mean, its already April 12th, so the month is almost halfway through, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to use the lessons we’ve gathered over the past months to inhabit efficiency this month, right?


This month on TW I’ve been snuffing out the metaphorical and literal fires that burn us out and cause us to feel drained. April should be the soaking tub that forever stays full of hot water no matter how pruney your hands and feet are, where you read our stories and they warmly restore your sanity and embrace you like a plush towel.

My month usually blends quite effortlessly into the next without much resistance, so in the meantime, whats on your mind? What would you like to improve? Tell me in the comments below and if you feel so compelled, do also tell me how you’d like to Get Your Shit Together as it pertains to any of our topics. As always, everything we do we try to do it as holistically as possible and know, whatever you do, we do too.

Without further adieu, Love Handles Season 1 Episode 9. Subscribe on iTunes, shoot us a 5-star rating, and follow us on Instagram.

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