A Wrinkle In Time Made Me Nostalgic For My Childhood

When I was younger my cousin and I used to run around his backyard playing weird games where we had superpowers, prayed to the moon, and had psychic abilities. During one summer, my cousin and I told a boy in our neighborhood we were psychic and needed to perform a sacrifice to the moon inContinue reading “A Wrinkle In Time Made Me Nostalgic For My Childhood”

I Just Read That Mercury Is Going Into Retrograde on Thursday

With St. Patricks day happening over the weekend, I can honestly say that Monday started off with a hesitant slow crawl from my bed to my office desk. I was unproductive and unresponsive to almost everyone, trying to avoid conversation and catch sleep whenever possible. When Tuesday began I felt something shift in the atmosphere. IContinue reading “I Just Read That Mercury Is Going Into Retrograde on Thursday”

This Information Might Make You Rethink Those Leggings

A friend of mine slid into my DM’s a while ago with a picture and a compliment to a post I wrote a while back on the topic of athleisure. He shared with me how his style had evolved from looking like a GAP ad to now being influenced by streetwear in LA and howContinue reading “This Information Might Make You Rethink Those Leggings”

Love Handles, S1 E2: Social Media and Apathy

Do They Go Hand In Hand? This week’s monologue was inspired by the recent shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida, and covers how social media, although helpful in getting the message out there, seems to make us fall short in spurring us to take action. Although I am very aware that there are aContinue reading “Love Handles, S1 E2: Social Media and Apathy”

Welcome to Love Handles, Our New Podcast

I grew up in a very musical family. For anyone who has grown up in a similar situation then you will completely understand where I am coming from. Everyone can sing, everyone can play an instrument, and everyone seems to be fighting for a microphone. Whether my family knew that I would one day stealContinue reading “Welcome to Love Handles, Our New Podcast”

Foods to Get You In the Mood

 It’s sort of unclear when my Instagram feed started changing, but all of a sudden one day I was perusing the old Insta-feed and was finding nothing but beautifully staged foods, with one food item being the main star in almost every picture, the avocado. This array of beautifully placed foods made me start thinkingContinue reading “Foods to Get You In the Mood”

From Slides to Joggers, All I Want to Wear is Athleisure

WHICH IS EVEN MORE SAD CONSIDERING JOGGERS ARE SO NOT A THING ANYMORE! To be more specific, all I want to wear is leggings, joggers, chill pants, workout shorts—basically I will never invite zippers or buttons anywhere near my crotch again. This is sort of weird for me because I am usually the type of personContinue reading “From Slides to Joggers, All I Want to Wear is Athleisure”

TWBYSR: 4 Books for Winter Hibernation

TWBYSR: The Wondrous Books Your Soul Should Read There is something quite beautiful about winter and the way it makes you want to curl up and read a good book. For me, that moment happens all year round, and yet, every time it does it gives me such joy that I jump into my bookContinue reading “TWBYSR: 4 Books for Winter Hibernation”

To Shave or Not To Shave, That is the Conundrum

The first time I shaved my face I was thirteen. I remember watching my dad shave his face for so long, that curiosity got the better of me and I did what most thirteen-year-old boys do, attempted to shave my face. Although there basically nothing on my face, I made it through nick-free and wasContinue reading “To Shave or Not To Shave, That is the Conundrum”

I Tried to Get a Divorce from my iPhone & It Was the Most Difficult Thing I’ve Done All Year

There is a cynical part of me that is immediately judging the title of the post and rolling my eyes because of two reasons, we are barely coming to the end of the first month and divorce implies that I am married to my phone, to which I have not been legally married. BUT ITContinue reading “I Tried to Get a Divorce from my iPhone & It Was the Most Difficult Thing I’ve Done All Year”

Blatant Consumerism is Kind of Making Me Cringe, Kind of…

Let me start off by saying first and foremost, I absolutely love ManRepeller and in no way is this a diss track to Amelia Diamond’s latest post, A List of Things I Buy Solely For the Packaging. In fact, I kind of relate to this post a lot, because, at one point or another, IContinue reading “Blatant Consumerism is Kind of Making Me Cringe, Kind of…”

I Learned How to Shop Like a “Cool French Girl”

Every. Single. G-Dang day I am made more and more aware of how much stuff I actually throw away. I was first made aware of this the first time I moved into my own apartment and had to take out my own trash for the first time. It was gross, it smelled, and I didContinue reading “I Learned How to Shop Like a “Cool French Girl””

Tova & Wild’s Intention

For a time, that personal world remained in aesthetic and design, I never shared with you the part of my life that was political, opinionated, the side of my life that loved journalism and social justice. The only person who has pissed me off more than Mike Pence the past two years has been theContinue reading “Tova & Wild’s Intention”