I Have A Complicated Relationship With Mercury

This morning was not unlike many other mornings in my life where instead of waking up at the usual time of 7 o’clock, I woke up at 3 am. I needed to pee, I needed water, and I needed to wake up from an insane dream of me standing in temple reciting Torah, completely unawareContinue reading “I Have A Complicated Relationship With Mercury”

In Solidarity With My Celestial Sisters & Brothers, Your Tovascopes Have Arrived!

Hi Frans! That’s officially how I am greeting all of you, dear readers, this month—because, in actuality, you all are my friends. *wink* See what I did there? *wink* In all seriousness tho, I’ve been really considering my approach and end goal with Tovascopes and I realize, now, more than ever, I want our TovascopesContinue reading “In Solidarity With My Celestial Sisters & Brothers, Your Tovascopes Have Arrived!”

Self Discovery of A Newly Minted Hat Person

I‘ll admit, I have always been interested in hats. I loved wearing bucket hats when I was little and walking around in my Osh-Kosh overalls. I love a good fitted cap and letting my inner bro shine. I love baseball hats, and beanies, but what I love more than any other hat is a largeContinue reading “Self Discovery of A Newly Minted Hat Person”

13 Aphorisms You Need to Include in Your Daily Routine

I was given a book a long time ago, by a friend who thought it would be a light-hearted read—it was—but, more than that, it turned out to be just the thing I needed to spark curiosity on a whole constellation of lifestyle topics that I never would have considered. Below are some aphorisms, inspiredContinue reading “13 Aphorisms You Need to Include in Your Daily Routine”

I Was Totally Buggin’

This past week, I felt personally deflated by my own need to define Tova and Wild. I worked hard over the past month, rewriting, thinking, and talking it over and over and over (and over) with Morgan to try and gain some sort of cognizance for the meaning behind the vision that I have forContinue reading “I Was Totally Buggin’”

Answering the Call

Welcome to September, The Purpose Issue After driving around to three coffee shops this morning, trying to find a seat at a table to “look pretentious,” as Carrie Bradshaw puts it, and pen the great American novel, I finally found a spot, right next to a charger, in the corner, beside an open window. IContinue reading “Answering the Call”

The Thought Process of Realizing You Haven’t Kept Your Goals in Weeks

Honestly, I thought about this as I was binging The Real Housewives of Atlanta for the seventieth time in the past two days, or shall I say, since we received internet in our new apartment. On July 7th, at exactly 11:03 am, I watched and completed a full yoga session in accompaniment with Alo Yoga.Continue reading “The Thought Process of Realizing You Haven’t Kept Your Goals in Weeks”

My First Day in Austin

Lately, I’ve been really trying to become more territorial over my Friday/Saturday Shabbat situation because most of the time my weekends are jam-packed with so many activities, chores, and things that are left over from the week. So when the landlord of our new apartment in Austin told us our move-in date was Friday theContinue reading “My First Day in Austin”

Welcome to I’m Moving Month

I‘m Moving Month acts as sort of a double entendre, for the physical manifestation of packing my literal self up and moving 1,800 miles across the country to the very literal and figurative manifestation of movement, as it pertains to holistic living and exploration. The idea of I’m Moving Month came to me because IContinue reading “Welcome to I’m Moving Month”

Organization Month Wrap Up

That’s right folks, Organization Month will officially come to an end this weekend. To some, this could be a sense of relief, having flailed around all month trying to stay organized. For others, this could be a success, having risen to the occasion and overcome your own personal struggles to stay and be organized. Regardless,Continue reading “Organization Month Wrap Up”

Leopard Print: Flashy? Or Trashy?

Leopard print is one of those things in fashion that people love or hate—there is no in-between. For most of my life, my opinion on the print has been associated with a longing to be viewed as subtle, collegiate, and even J. Crew inspired, yet, since the start of 2016 my opinion on the printContinue reading “Leopard Print: Flashy? Or Trashy?”

Jennifer Coolidge’s Instagram Has Me Peeing My Pants Laughing

I probably would have never come across Jennifer Coolidge’s Instagram in any sort of organic fashion, had it not been for Ariana Grande doing an impersonation of her on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I shudder at the thought because since I have begun following Jennifer Coolidge, I have gained an almost saint-like level ofContinue reading “Jennifer Coolidge’s Instagram Has Me Peeing My Pants Laughing”

Love Handles, S1 E11: Just Checkin’ In

This week’s episode of Love Handles is sort all over the place. It’s the first time in a long time that I decided to stick my head into le sound booth without a clear idea of what I would say once I was in there. This has happened, maybe once before, but once I sat downContinue reading “Love Handles, S1 E11: Just Checkin’ In”